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Dr. Patricia Hart


Work Life:  Dr. Hart has been a veterinarian in Fairfield and Westchester counties for 30 years and is the owner of Southport Veterinary Center. She graduated from Colorado State University in 1989.  Her special interests include internal medicine, oncology, acupuncture and animal welfare.  Dr. Hart  likes to showcase a rotating animal art gallery on site at the hospital that features commissioned animal portraits in various styles and mediums. In her free time she is an avid skier, mountain biker and is learning to treat “gentleman farmers” pets such as her pygmy goats. Dr. Hart resides in Westport.


My Pet Story:  Growing up, we always had dogs (Grover and Foxy) and lots of cats roaming around. In this photo, I’m 3 years old with my first cat, Nibby.  Much later, when I drove west to go to vet school in Colorado, my cat Guacamole basked in the sun in the back of the car.  He was a great traveler.  I’ve always had rescue animals.  Right now at home, there are 3 cats,  3 Nigerian Dwarf goats, and 4 dogs, with number 4 being a brand new member of the team.


MEHGAN- 003 bwDr. Meghan Greco

Work Life: Dr. Greco obtained her doctorate degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009. After school, she returned to Connecticut and practiced veterinary medicine in Norwalk under her maiden name Kohlhepp — until joining Southport Vet Center. Dr. Greco says it’s a perfect fit, as the high standards for medicine and surgery align with her own standards of care. And serendipitously, she calls Fairfield home. She has a special interest in feline medicine, soft tissue surgery and internal medicine. In her free time she enjoys fitness training, cooking, traveling and spending time with her husband.

My Pet Story: I have a pug, Olive, that is my baby.  I have had her since she was 8 weeks old.  She is a troublemaker and will do anything for food.  I also rescued a mix, Blue.  He is a hound and a nervous nelly.   Olive rules the roost even though Blue weighs 70 lbs more than her!  I also have three cats, including my 18yr old lady Ethel that has been with me since before vet school, Seamus McOrange, a giant orange former tomcat that is a mush, and Leroy, who is always trying to make me crazy by knocking things off the countertops.


CHELSEA- 003 bwDr. Chelsea Holman

Work Life: Dr. Holman studied veterinary medicine at Ross University, and did her clinical year at the University of Illinois. She worked in upstate New York as a mixed animal practitioner and during this time volunteered at a trap neuter release project for feral cats. Before vet school, she was a field tech studying Capuchin monkeys in Costa Rica.

My Pet Story: My current pets are three old cats with medical problems, but I love them all the more!! Mufasa is diabetic… Ginger is hyperthyroid and Siren, a diagnosed troublemaker! As a kid, I read James Harriot and knew this was the profession I wanted. I used to pet sit and loved taking care of my neighbors 5 beef cows, 3 dogs, 2 horses and one cat.


Renee LaPointe

Work Life: Renee has been in the veterinary field for many years. From 2002 to 2011 she was an ICU/internal medicine nurse and supervisor at the Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center in Norwalk. She then joined Southport Vet Center and earned her vet tech certification in 2013. She earned a Bachelors in Law & Society with a minor in women’s studies from UConn in 2008.

My Pet Story: I have two rescue cats, a five year old diabetic and an eight month old kitten that was found, when tiny, in a dumpster and brought in to the hospital for help. I have two rescue dogs, 13 and 11 years old, both brought in with severe problems to VREC and signed over to us — and nursed back to health.  You can see them in the photo here.  I started as a kennel assistant in 1998 and through work and experience became a nurse.

EMELIE- 007 bwEmely Montenegro

Work Life: Emily started her career at a Fairfield County animal hospital in 2011, working as a receptionist. She says she was, “interested in the action in the back” so she started training as a vet tech assistant. Soon after, she trained as a vet tech. She is “learning new material everyday!”

My Pet Story: My first pet was a Beagle, his name was Kahlua. We adopted Kahlua at age 2 and loved him very much. He stayed with us until the age of 13 when he was diagnosed with cancer. At one point he stopped eating and that’s when he said his goodbyes. Ever since then I vowed to make sure or try my best to make every day count with my current pet, Khloe. I got into this field to help pets live a long and healthy life, as best I can.


Carmen Mead

Work Life: Over eight years ago Carmen became a certified veterinary assistant and started work at Southport Vet that very same month. Fifteen years ago, Carmen worked as a barn manager in Southbury, Ct at Red Horse Stable. Before that she assisted with horse training for a variety of horse friends, mentors and clients.

My Pet Story: Over the years I have owned many animals. My family had several dogs as I grew up… a poodle, lab, Great Dane. We also had cats, fish and a black and white pet rat. Currently, I have Pepper, my black kitty, and Baldur, my red dun quarter horse. My interest in veterinary medicine was kindled at Red Horse Stable, where I was able to help the Equine Vets with their work at the barn and learn about equine medicine.


Marilyn Williams

Work Life: Marilyn has worked in the veterinary field for 27 years — 21 of which have been here at Southport Vet Center! For many years Marilyn lived overseas, and at one point she had the pleasure of living in Monte Carlo and working with Prince Rainier’s sister’s 27 rescue dogs and 40-plus cats. At the front desk, Marilyn says, she loves interacting with clients on a personal level, making them feel welcome and confident in their choice of veterinary care.

My Pet Story: Growing up in Fairfield, our house was a sight to be seen. At one point we had 3 dogs, 3 cats, a mynah bird, an iguana, a (de-scented) skunk and a white duck named Puddles who walked on a leash. When I’m not hiking or running marathons, I enjoy cuddling with my two orange kitties, Dune and Lola.

FELICIA- 006 bwFelicia Williams

Work Life: Felicia has over 10 years of related receptionist and front office experience.

My Pet Story: I have my little cutie pie pup Queenie who is just a few months old, and is just so lovable and playful. My Queenie is just as I am — very outgoing! I care for pets just as I do my kids. Our pets are not humans but they have feelings and are compassionate.




Jody Rosengarten is our behaviorist of choice. She is the owner and operator of The Bark Stops Here, which is a multifaceted private practice specializing in problem solving and rehabilitation of rescued dogs. She makes daily housecalls, works with various rescue groups and teaches group training classes here at Southport Vet. Jody is also the author of multiple publications including the book Rover, Don’t roll over: A Compassionate Training Guide for dogs and their People and her newest book, Imp, The ImPerfect Pup: Lessons On Being Good Enough. Jody has always had a passion for animals and has traveled around the world to work with several species in need. Her clients tell her that she is able to empathize with both people and dogs equally which enables her to help each better understand the other, creating  transcultural compromises that endure. Jody lives with her several dogs and even more parrots, all of which are rescued. If you need to contact Jody for training purposes – call her at (203) 372-BARK or visit TheBarkStopsHere.net.

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