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You care for and love your pet with all your heart. Yet, the sad fact is most pets don’t live as long as we do. When you love your pets, you must also be prepared to lose them. It’s not easy to prepare for loss. Here at Southport Vet, we strive to make this decision as easy as it can be. Preparing for pet loss begins the moment you realize that the time has come to turn your thoughts toward how and when you want to say goodbye.

Planning ahead can help lessen the anxiety or any possible regrets you could have when the time comes.

To help you make these decisions in the privacy of your own home, we offer a list of different options and costs for you to consider.

Your options and prices

  • Euthanasia and taking your pet home for burial: 20lbs or less – $61; 21-50lbs- $75; 51-80lbs- $120; Over 80lbs- $150
  • Euthanasia and cremation (no ashes returned): Under 25 lbs~ $99; 25-50lbs~ $125; 50-70 lbs~ $170; 70-120lbs ~ $224; Over 120lbs~ $250
  • Euthanasia and Private Cremation (with ashes returned to owner in floral tin):under 25lbs ~ $186; 25-50lbs ~ $245; 50-70lbs ~ $295; 70-90lbs ~ $370; Over 90 lbs ~ $470
  • Inserve pawprint – made in clay, comes in a silver color ~ $45
  • Inserve also carries a variety of urns to chose from, see their website for prices
  • Peartree Pawprint – a custom pawprint made in clay then sent to Peartree to be painted with the color of your choice, fired and personalized with your pet’s name ~ $120
  • Silver Pet Prints – Capture your pet’s paw print in fine silver. For more information see their website

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