Pet Boarding for Dogs and Cats

We provide pet boarding at our animal hospital as a service to our regular clients, but on a limited basis. All boarders receive personal attention from our caring staff. If your pet is on medications, or is elderly, and needs a place to board, we will certainly allow them to board with us. Your pet will need an exam with the doctor upon arrival. All other boarding requests need to be approved by the doctor as we are not a large boarding facility. However, please know we do try to accommodate our clients as much as we can.

It is recommended that you bring in your pets own food and medications, otherwise you will be charged for hospital supplies. We provide beds, blankets, litter pans for cats and food/water dishes for your pet. We urge you not to bring in their own bedding, clothing or leads as they could get misplaced or damaged. All animals entering the hospital must be up to date on all vaccines and we also require that they’ve had a recent negative stool sample. Pets may be dropped off and picked up during regular business hours Monday through Saturday. Dogs are walked in the securely fenced grassy and shaded play yard at the rear of the animal hospital facility.

Medical boarding is provided when a pet does not require 24-hour monitoring. In those cases we would refer clients to one of several 24-hour emergency and referral centers in the area.

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