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Vaccine Antibody Titers

Southport Veterinary Center has updated our vaccination protocol to better reflect recent advances regarding vaccination safety and longevity. Laboratories are now capable of measuring the amount of antibody protection against given diseases (antibody titers) in the bloodstream. There is new evidence that these titers last much longer than previously believed. There is also evidence that excessive vaccination may cause problems including certain types of tumors in cats. Together, you and your doctor will decide which vaccinations or titers are appropriate for your pet based on informed risk/benefit. When vaccination is required we only use the safest, purest and most well tested vaccines.


Our Vaccine Protocol for Kittens and Cats

Our protocol will vary based on extent of time spent outdoors. The kitten Distemper/upper respiratory viruses series (FVRCP)will be given every 3-4 weeks until 16 weeks of age. The rabies vaccine labeled for 1 year is given once after 12 weeks. Feline Leukemia series is given to all kittens after 12 weeks of age. The series is 2 vaccines 3-4 weeks apart. Virus testing is recommended at the 1st visit. The Distemper/upper respiratory viruses vaccine(FVRCP) will be boostered at year one and titered in 3 years starting at 4 years of age. If the titer is low, a lowered cost vaccine will be given, then titers repeated in 3 years. Once titers are stable no additional titers are run. You always have the choice to do the vaccination vs. the titering as long as your cat is not over 7 years or infirm. Rabies after year one can be given as a 1 year Purevax vaccine, a 3 year purevax vaccine or as a regular 3 year vaccine. The Purevax vaccine is the most purified and the least likely to cause reactions. The 1 year Purevax is appropriate for most cats but is only valid for exactly 1 year. If you feel it is difficult to get your cat in exactly in time, it is best to use the 3 year Purevax rabies vaccine. Feline Leukemia vaccine will be boostered yearly based on risk.

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