Goats and Gardens…

  By Dr. Patricia Hart Remember when I said goats were good gardeners? (See an earlier blog on I did on my goats) And well-behaved in the garden? I might have been wrong. When everything isn’t all ripe and lush

Summer Creepies: Fleas and an Organism Named Leptospirosis

Summer Creepies,  By Dr. Patricia Hart Now that fall is drawing near, it’s time to think about your winter wardrobe, your ski pass and…parasite control!  As the humidity builds, fleas and mites get happy and an organism named Leptospirosis starts

Zylkene: New Anxiety Supplement for Dogs

By Lauren Haney, LVT Southport Vet Center has started carrying a great new anxiety supplement called Zylkene. Having two anxious dogs of my own, I was the guinea pig. I was very impressed with the results. My dog, Chile, like

BBQ, Pets and Guests

BBQ, Pets and Guests Summer is officially here! It’s a great time for outdoor fun and BBQing or grilling with your pets, friends, and family. While you may know what your pet can and cannot eat, it is important to

Solutions to Phobias in Your Dog from Fireworks and Thunderstorms

  By Dr. Patricia Hart Imagine if you didn’t know what that noise and sound was and you were helpless to protect your family. You would be anxious too. If you know your dog is distressed by thunder and fireworks,

Dog Tick Checks

Perform tick checks after your dog has been outside. Even if you have not been away from home, your dog is still going outside in the yard. In endemic areas, tick checks must be done daily, within a few hours

When Temps Rise Is Your Pet Overheating?

Suddenly Summer By Dr. Patricia Hart   June 3rd and the air conditioner got put in in a hurry because I’m in charge of the temperature of my own environment.  Your pets, not so much. How can you tell if

Why Puppies Jump and What to Do About It

By Jody Rosengarten — *** News Flash *** There’s still room in Jody’s June Group Puppy Training Classes — see below for details! I never met a puppy who didn’t jump. Indeed, this is the number one problem I am

Tried and True Tips to Housebreaking Your Puppy

      By Jody Rosengarten Let’s face it; there is nothing fun about housebreaking. Like toilet training, it’s all consuming when you’re in the thick of it. Once completed, one is hard pressed to remember what the big deal was.

Palliative Care: The Question of Quality of Life for Your Pet

  By Dr. Patricia Hart Palliative Care… Last week Dr. Nerone and I attended the Veterinary Cancer Center Continuing Education meeting that focused on palliative care and hospice. Palliative care is an intent to improve quality of life without the

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