Flea & Tick Prevention Spring 2017

It’s that time of year again to protect your pet from fleas and ticks. Ticks don’t know what month it is, they just know the time is right to motivate when it’s damp and cool, but not frozen. They have been happy all winter, but particularly happy with the early arrival of the ideal conditions that are happening now.

Unfortunately, though the product many people are most familiar with — Frontline — is safe it’s not a repellent, which means ticks may be able to feed long enough to transmit Anaplasmosis, our most common tick borne disease. Anaplasmosis now outpaces Lyme disease in this area because Lyme takes longer to be transmitted.

And as for the fleas, you just plain don’t want them in your house! A big misconception about fleas is that they only exist in the outside environment….FALSE! Those little critters can get in your house, even if all you have is a precious indoor-only cat. But don’t worry, there’s hope…

The flea and tick repellants we recommend:

Bravecto is given once every 3 months orally for dogs. It is a hydrolyzed pork flavor so if your dog has food allergies, you may want to trial pork orally first. They also have a topical for cats! It goes on just like Frontline or Revolution and lasts for 3 months!

Nexguard is a once monthly oral only for dogs. We prefer using this product for puppies who would grow through a once every 3 month dose of Bravecto. Nexguard is beef flavored, so again, a beef trial may be recommended for those with food allergies.

Advantix is a topical once monthly that is strictly for use in dogs as it toxic to cats and should not be used on dogs who are in contact with cats. This one is also a mosquito repellent.

Seresto collars last 8 months and can be used on both dogs and cats. The safety and efficacy have been excellent. Dogs that swim are not good candidates for a Seresto collar as it reduces efficacy if it gets wet.

Revolution is a topical that can be used in both dogs and cats. It ONLY does fleas and heartworm prevention so you will still need to add something else in for those pesky ticks. In cats, it also acts as a de-wormer for those hunters.

Frontline is a topical that can be used in both dogs and cats. As we mentioned before, it’s not great for tick prevention, but it’s a good topical for flea prevention in cats — especially those who stay indoors.

Please contact our front desk staff at 203-259-5295 with questions or to order your supplies.  With thanks to Kerri our technician for compiling this update.

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