Oct. 1 Fundraiser for Hurricane Relief Efforts

SIT… HEAL On Sunday, Oct 1st 2017 Southport Veterinary Center will host a fundraising event to benefit Connecticut Humane Society’s hurricane relief efforts. We were lucky to secure the Ned Dimes Marina house at beautiful Compo Beach in Westport on

Flea & Tick Prevention Spring 2017

It’s that time of year again to protect your pet from fleas and ticks. Ticks don’t know what month it is, they just know the time is right to motivate when it’s damp and cool, but not frozen. They have

Trupanion Pet Medical Insurance: 2017 Overview

At the start of 2017, we made a promise: to encourage our clients — as hard as we can! — to get health insurance for their pets, and to offer some guidance to the different plans that will be the

Pet Health Insurance 2017: Overview of Pet’s Best

Note: Our technician Kerri just took part in a webinar to research and write this blog… Thank you to Kerri for providing such great, detailed information to help guide our clients to the right health insurance choice for their pets.

Pet Health Insurance for 2017: ASPCA Plan Overview

Pet Health Insurance: Exploring Your Options in 2017 Our new year’s resolution at Southport Vet Center is to encourage and help our clients sign on for pet health insurance as we strongly believe you and your pets will benefit from

New Year’s Resolution?… Pet Health Insurance

A word on pet health insurance by Patricia Hart, DVM, Southport Vet Center Ten years ago pet health insurance in this region of the country didn’t make sense.  Most companies paid out an averaged price for a service which meant

Summer Heat: Precautions for Your Pets

Some pet precautions to be aware of as the temps go up, up, up … There are a lot of fun walks, runs and parades during the summer season but unless your dog is well conditioned and used to taking

Dog Phobias: Fireworks and Thunderstorms

Imagine if you didn’t know what that noise and sound was and you were helpless to protect your family. You would be anxious too. If you know your dog is distressed by thunder and fireworks, plan ahead. At Southport Vet

Dr. Hart’s Goats “Kick Off” at Pequot Library

          Come meet Niblet, Myrtle and George at the Pequot Library in Southport on Saturday, June 18 at 1:00 pm, as they help “KICK OFF” the library’s summer reading program for kids. Dr. Hart will tell

Tick Prevention: Move To Products That Repel Ticks

Spring 2016 Update It’s been a weird non winter… bad for everyone like me who likes to ski… but great for ticks unfortunately. Ticks don’t know what month it is. They just know the time is right to motivate when

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