Animal Art Gallery

Come in to our reception area at Southport Vet Center and you will see an amazing, colorful display of animal portraits.  Welcome to our Animal Art Gallery!  We feature a varied selection of commissioned or ready-to-go animal portraits from local and nationally renowned artists specializing in animal portraiture.

Looking to give a spectacular and personal gift of a pet portrait?  We’d be happy to give you more information on the artists we showcase.

Featured here are a few of the portraits we showcase.  Much of the artwork is very reasonably priced, direct from the artist. We do not make any percentage of sales — we just love to see a celebration of life with animals in your home and on your walls!

Portrait # 1:  Blue Dog by Inez Andrucyk, oil on board, priced at $299.00

Portrait # 2: Purple Dog by Inez Andrucyk, oil on board.  For more information go to

Portrait # 3: Labrador Puppies by Lauren Aranoff, priced at $450.00.

Portrait # 4: Pilgrim Chihuahua by Lauren Aranoff, priced at $600.00

Portrait # 5: Yellow Labrador by Lauren Aranoff, priced at $300.00

Photo Portrait # 6: By Caroline Christie, wild horse photography, equine portraits and farm photo sessions.  Small photos like these are priced at $50.00.

Photo Portrait # 7: By Caroline Christie

Portrait # 8: Saruba Snapshot by Marcie Vallette, priced at $550.00

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