Standards of Veterinarian Care

Our standards of care, in sickness and in health… we are there for you and your pet.

Our philosophy… to treat your animal companion as if he or she were our own but acknowledging that you know your animal best.

In sickness, to reach a diagnosis in the most streamlined manner possible in order to treat the disease quickly, all the while keeping you as an integral part of the decision-making process and treating you and your pet with empathy and compassion.  You will receive an estimate before any hospitalization.  Chronic disease conditions are monitored and treatments adjusted according to what is reasonable for you to accomplish at home and always being aware of quality of life for both you and your pet.

Although we pride ourselves on being able to perform almost all the high level diagnostics and procedures performed by specialists, we will recommend and facilitate referrals for advanced critical care and diagnostics whenever needed.  We do not have staff for the overnight and you always have the option of taking an animal home for overnight or transfer to an overnight facility if necessary. Medical boarding is offered, however, on a limited basis. For more information on boarding, please see our Policies page.

In health, to nurture the companion bond, to prevent and educate against disease conditions, to keep quality of life superior.  We strongly recommend health insurance when your pet is young without pre-existing issues. For more on pet health insurance, please go to our Resources section.

To allow ample time for all patients and scheduled surgical appointments, we work primarily by appointment. For your convenience, drop-off appointments are available If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least six hours prior to the appointment time.  Please see our Policies page for more on appointments.

We avoid unnecessary vaccinations and base each individual vaccination schedule on risk and lifestyle.  We use only the safest and lowest reactivity vaccines.  Whenever possible we utilize vaccination titers (a test of level of protection) to fulfill requirements for pragmatic but not risk associated vaccinations.  We are proactive in tickborne disease and surveillance but do not treat asymptomatic animals without due cause.  Click here for more on our vaccination protocol.

We encourage geriatric wellness care incorporating pain management and nutritional supplements to keep mobility and emotional health strong and recommend twice per year examination and blood screens for all pets over 8 years old.

Dental health is promoted by at home hygiene and dental cleaning and extractions when needed.  External parasite control recommendations are customized to each animal’s risk factors.

Heartworm prevention is advised for all dogs over 5 months of age year-round and heartworm testing is required before filling a prescription for heartworm prevention.  Dogs that originate from a southern locale have twice yearly heartworm testing in year one because of their increased risk of having a missed infection on their 1st test.  Heartworm prevention in cats is evaluated on a case to case basis.

We strongly recommend spaying and neutering all pets before the age of six months and having them microchipped for identification purposes at that time.

We do not perform declawing procedures, tail docking or ear cropping.

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