What Sets This Fairfield Animal Hospital Apart?


What sets this Fairfield animal hospital apart from others?  At Southport Veterinary Center, you sense our commitment to animals as you walk in our door.  Our medical knowledge, facilities and equipment are among the best in the region. We invest in new equipment to offer comprehensive but also quick turn-around for diagnostic procedures; we invest in our staff with continuing education to stay abreast of current medical practices, and we invest in our computerization to make sure our records of your pet’s health are accurate and easily accessible.  All of us are truly passionate about animals. Everyone here has extensive experience with animals and cares for your pets as if they were our own.  In times of medical need, and throughout the life of your pet, all these together make a strong team to partner with you for your pet’s quality of life.

What sets us apart:

State of the art equiptment: Dr. Hart invests in many of the latest equipment upgrades available. Recently our hospital acquired an advanced digital ultrasound machine, and before that two new digital x-ray machines! Here’s just one example of what our new machines can do: One allows us to take digital dental radiographs – what does this mean to your pet? Better dental diagnostics in less time. It is the fastest way to take radiographs of your pets teeth and since animals need to be under anesthesia for this procedure, it minimizes anesthetic time.

Our other digital xray allows better internal diagnostics as it is the highest detail image available. Since digital is much faster than film radiology, it cuts the wait time for results in half, allowing your pet to receive faster treatment. Also, Dr. Hart is highly skilled at ultrasonography (ultrasound), something that you may not find at other practices. This allows her to get a real time view into your pet’s organs and obtain a more thorough and faster diagnostic exam.  Our inhouse laboratory enables us to test your animal’s bloods quickly when they are ill. Instead of waiting up to 24 hours to get results, we can get an idea of what is happening internally in a matter of minutes. All of our blood machines are the newest and most accurate testing equipment available.

Jody Rosengarten of The Bark Stops Here: We are very fortunate to work with noted dog trainer and behavior therapist, Jody Rosengarten.  She has been in practice since 1980 and is a well-known, caring and compassionate authority on all aspects of puppy and dog behavior.

Enhanced Therapeutic Medicine: Therapeutic laser treatment, acupuncture and medical massage are practices we’ve added to enhance the treatment options we give. Our PetLase laser is a FDA cleared therapy laser that creates a penetrating laser light. This light is absorbed by injured cells and releases endorphins which stimulate the cell to heal itself naturally. This creates both instant and long lasting pain relief and faster healing time, a welcome alternative to surgery and medications. Dr. Hart is certified in veterinary medical acupuncture. We have seen amazing results with this form of healing that recently entered the veterinary field of small animals.

Continuing Education: Our staff reguarlarly stantly attend C.E.’s around the country. Keeping up to speed on current medical innovations is extremely important. Just like human medicine, veterinary medicine is constantly changing and improving. We want to make sure these medical improvements are integrated into our practice as they become known.  The C.E.’s we attend cover emergency medicine, pain management, anesthesiology, dentistry, orthopedic diagnostics, feline behavior and much more.

Specialists: Dr. Hart is skilled in internal medicine and utilizes our labs, surrounding board certified veterinarians and surgeons to ensure that your pet has the best care available. We work with several veterinarians that are board certified in various aspects of veterinary medicine including cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, and radiologists. Major hospitals that we work with on a regular basis include the Veterinary Specialty Center in Yonkers, NY, Cornell Veterinary Specialty Center in Stamford, Veterinary Referral and Emergency Centers of Norwalk and Shelton and  Katonah Bedford Veterinary Center, in Katonah NY.

In-House Dentistry: Dr. Greco and Dr. Holman are skilled in dentistry and our facilities include a sophisticated dental suite, allowing our hospital to offer in-house a full range of dental procedures.

An AAHA Certified Hospital: Being accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association means that we strive to help set the standard of Veterinary excellence.  AAHA developed the accreditation to raise the level of care to companion animals. We adhere to a high level of medical and non-medical standards that are evaluated periodically by AAHA to ensure that we are doing the very best at caring for your pet.

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